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What to Grill and Smoke in November

It’s here—the biggest food month of the year! With Thanksgiving on the horizon, this is no time to put your grill away for the season. (Not that readers of this newsletter would do that anyway.) We’ve hand-picked an array of recipes that conjure up the flavors of fall—maple syrup, sage, root vegetables, turkey, and more. They represent only a few of the hundreds of recipes on our website. Visit often—we’re adding new ones all the time.

7 Grilling and Smoking Recipes for November

1. Mile-High Pancake

Mile-High Pancake

Kids and adults alike love this sweet cousin of Yorkshire pudding, which puffs dramatically when exposed to the heat of the grill. It relies on pantry ingredients—eggs, flour, sugar, and milk—and can be finished with a simple dusting of powdered sugar or even mixed berries. It’s perfect for overnight guests.

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2. A New Baked Apple Stuffed With Sausage And Sage

Though often served as a fall dessert, baked apples take on a savory persona when stuffed with sausage and one of our favorite autumn herbs, sage. Wood smoke brings out the best in these apples. Serve them with pork, roast chicken, or even for a holiday brunch.

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3. Bacon Maple Grilled Onion Rings

Bacon Maple Grilled Onion Rings

One of our most popular recipes, you can serve these maple syrup-coated bacon-wrapped onions as a starter or side dish. They’re positively addictive. Great with burgers, too.

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4. Tulsa Torpedo (Bacon Weave Sausage Roll)

Tulsa Torpedo

Photo by Richard Dallett

Whether you serve it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this sensational meatloaf always impresses the carnivores at your table. Never made a bacon weave before? Our easy-to-follow directions will ensure success.

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5. Smoke-Roasted Turkey With Cognac Herb Butter

Smoke-roasted turkey

A sophisticated compound butter made with cognac and fresh herbs as well as the complex flavor of wood smoke takes this Thanksgiving-worthy bird over the top. Plus, you’ll take pressure off the kitchen when you roast the turkey outside.

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6. Rotisserie-Smoked Chicken With Drip Pan Root Vegetables

Rotisserie-Smoked Chicken with Drip Pan Root Vegetables

This could be one of the easiest meals you’ll make during the coming holiday season. And it’s fancy enough to step in for turkey if you’re expecting a smaller group for Thanksgiving. We love it with the mushroom bread pudding below.

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7. Smoked Mushroom Bread Pudding

Smoked Mushroom Bread Pudding
While we love this rich bready pudding with an array of wild mushrooms, common button mushrooms or creminis can be used, too. If you can’t find a nice eggy brioche at your local bakery, substitute challah or a loaf of Italian bread. It’s substantial enough to please any vegetarians in your circle–and much tastier than faux turkey

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