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blog: Grilling Techniques

Ribs Take Wing

…cooking. Slicing the ribs before cooking eliminates that tedious step per Hiller. I liberally seasoned the ribs with one of my homemade spice rubs. (You could also use Steven’s Kansas City Smoke Rub. I then placed the ribs on a wire rack to make it easier to move them on and off the grill. I left space between each rib so the smoke would circulate evenly. My plan was to cook the ribs low and slow, spray the ribs with an apple cider vinegar mixtur…

blog: Breakfast

Barbecue for Breakfast: Two Recipes to Amp Up Breakfast, Lunch, or Brunch

All photos by Mike Hiller. If you read my Barbecue Trends blog post every year, you know my enthusiasm for 18th & Vine in Dallas. Talk about chutzpah: a Kansas City-born pit master and a fine dining chef joined forces two years ago to teach Texans something new about barbecue. And guess what: Dallas loves them. We asked our food and travel writer friend, Michael Hiller, to send us an update about one of my favorite meals on the grill: barbecue br…

blog: Barbecue University™

How to Make the Smoked Beef Tacos of Your Dreams

A buddy of mine—Dallas-based food and travel writer extraordinaire Mike Hiller—recently posted a photo on Facebook of a taco that stopped me in my tracks: It was composed of tender shards of chorizo-spiced beef plate ribs and flame-roasted salsa verde and topped with crunchy chicharrones (fried pork rinds). He encountered this sexy taco while judging an event called Chefs for Farmers. The taco’s creator was talented chef Cody Sharp of Dallas’ Whe…

blog: Breakfast

Breakfast on the Grill

…th pure maple syrup. Get the Recipe »   10. 18th and Vine Rib Hash Michael Hiller In the unlikely event that you have a few pork or beef ribs left over from a previous smoking session, use them to make a batch of grilled hash topped with an egg. Get the Recipe »   11. Pastrami Bacon Though it takes five days to cure, this spiced bacon is worth the wait. Use it to make the best BLT of your life. Get the Recipe »   Have you ever cooked your breakfas…