Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible

BBQ Basics: Techniques You Need to Know

BBQ Techniques

Getting started Beef and game
Smoking Pork and bacon
Specialized grilling techniques Ground meat
Maintaining your grill Poultry
Techniques for specific grills Fish
Special occasion grilling Shellfish
Ethnic grilling Veggies and vegetarian grilling
Rubs, cures, marinades & other flavorings Pizza and breads
Fruit and desserts



How to Light a Charcoal or Wood Grill
Direct vs. Indirect Grilling
4 Ways to Control the Heat on a Charcoal Grill
A Crash Course on Gas Grills
Crash Course on Barbecuing and Grilling
Barbecue Hacks: Simple Tricks to Take Your Grilling to the Next Level
How to Build a Long-Lasting Charcoal Fire

Smoking brisket


Smoking Low and Slow Meals
The 10 Commandments of Smoking
The Art of Smoking
Reverse Searing: Godsend or Gimmick?

Shrimp on plancha with flames


Grilling with Wood
Crash Course on Grilling and Smoking with Wood
7 Great Ways to Barbecue & Grill with Beer
How to Make Professional Grill Marks
Iron Meets Smoke: Grilling on a Plancha
How to Season and Maintain Your Cast Iron Plancha
Fireplace Grilling
The Ultimate Indoor Grill—Your Fireplace
The Spin on Spit-Roasting
What Goes Around, Comes Around: Spit-Roasting and Rotisserie Grilling
New Technique: Extreme Grilling on a Shovel

Grill covered in snow


10 Tips to Tune Up Your Grill Now
How to Clean Your Grill Efficiently and Safely
Spring Cleaning Your Smoker
Spring Cleaning Your Gas Grill
Spring Cleaning Your Charcoal Grill

Big Green Egg


10 Performance-Enhancing Techniques for Your Big Green Egg
How to Make a Schwenker (German Swinging Grill)
How to Build a Smokehouse

Grilled cheese steak


Top 10 Tailgating Tips
Cold Weather Grilling
8 Tips for Gold Plate Tailgating
Perfect for the Holidays: Suckling Pig



Japanese Grilling
Make Authentic Jamaican Jerk at Home
Filipino Barbecue: It’s in the Stuffing
Barbecue Sauces of South America
Salsas of Mexico
Barbecue Sauces of Europe

Injecting ham


The Ins and Outs of Injecting
How to Use Curing Salts for Curing and Smoking
Make Any BBQ Rub with the Rub Matrix
Home(made) for the Holidays: Do-It-Yourself Barbecue Rubs
How to Make Fermented Hot Sauce
8 Must-Try Regional Barbecue Sauces

Caveman T-Bone Steak


10 Steps to Grilling the Perfect Porterhouse or T-Bone
Extreme Grilling: Steak Six Ways
Game On! Your Guide to Grilling Game Meats
How to Buy and Cook a Dry-Aged Steak
How to Prepare Flank Steak
How to Make Any Steak Tender

Pork shoulder


How to Buy Pork Shoulder
How to Season Pork Shoulder
How to Cook Pork Shoulder
Ribs in a Hurry: 5 Great Techniques
The 3-2-1 Method for Ribs
An Alternative to the 3-2-1 Method for Smoking Ribs
22 Rib Tips! Up Your Game with Slabs & Bones
How to Build a Bacon Weave
12 Tips for Making Better Bacon Weaves
8 Foods to Grill Wrapped in Bacon



10 Indispensable Tips for Grilling Sausage from Jake Klein
How to Grill and Smoke Sausages: Contain Flare-Ups

Chicken on rotisserie


How to Carve a Turkey
12 Dos and Don’ts to Cook the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey
Smoke-Roasting a Turkey
Brining vs. Injecting a Turkey
How to Make Authentic Spit-Roasted Peruvian Chicken
Salt Brick Chicken and More

Salmon smoking


Planked Fish Techniques
The Smoked Salmon Whisperer
How to Make Salmon Candy

Lobster on grill


What Every Griller Needs to Know About Clams
Lobster on the Grill
How to Prepare a Lobster-Clambake
6 Things You Need to Know about Buying Shrimp

Vegetables on grill


How to Grill Perfect Vegetables Every Time
8 Tips for Buying and Storing Corn
How to Grill Corn: Dos & Don’ts
Vegetarian Grilling
Grilling Corn with Husk On vs. Husk Off
Strategies and Recipes for Healthy Grilling and Smoking
5 Recipes and 12 Tips for Grilled Jalapeño Poppers
Gazpacho Hits the Grill
Greens, Meet Grill: Grilled Salads
Potatoes Hit the Grill
Turn Up the Heat with Chile Peppers! 15 Hot Facts & Grilling Tips



5 Reasons (and 5 Tips) to Make Grilled Pizza Now
Pizza Hits the Grill

Apple crisp on grill


Grilled Fruit
Pumpkin Pie Hits the Grill

Lamb Loin Chops With Cabernet Rosemary Barbecue Sauce

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Steakhouse Potatoes

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Chicken Souvlaki

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Sesame Soy Chicken Wings

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Hedgehog Hot Dogs

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Grilled Watermelon Salad with Arugula and Queso Fresco

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Reverse-Seared Tomahawk Steaks with Blue Cheese Butter

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