Grill Care

Ultimate Grill Brush

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Yes, this is the ultimate grill brush I use on the Barbecue University® TV show (and at BBQ U® at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs), and by popular demand we’ve brought out a professional version for home use. Use the steel bristle side of the brush on cast iron and stainless steel grill grates; the brass bristles on more delicate porcelainized enamel. (Heck, I use the stiff steel bristles on enamel grates, too.)

Brush the hot grate before the food goes on and don’t forget to brush it again when you’re finished cooking. (Otherwise, you’ll need the metal scraper on the side of the brush to pry off the burnt on debris the next time you grill.)

And don’t forget Raichlen’s Three Rules of Great Grilling: “Keep it hot. Keep it clean. Keep it lubricated™”.