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Best of Barbecue Slider Spice Rub

This slider spice rub includes a savory blend of flavors designed to electrify the taste of sliders and burgers. Mix it into the ground meat or sprinkle on patties just prior to grilling. Each package seasons 40-60 sliders.

How to Use

A little bit of this tasty seasoning goes a long way! Mix 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of Slider Spice per pound of ground meat. Form mini-patties by hand or use a mini-burger press. Cook patties over medium-high heat, uncovered. Mini burgers cook quickly, so keep a watchful eye!

More Details

*All natural spice mix for sliders (and big burgers!)
*Each packet seasons 40-60 sliders
*Complements all ground meats

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