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Bottlify Squeeze Bottles – Condiment Container for Kitchen Use – 16 Ounce

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Bottlify Squeeze Bottles - Condiment Container for Kitchen Use - 16 Ounce

Looking for the best quality and price ratio condiment bottle? Set your searches aside and choose our premium quality kitchen squeeze bottle.

Package Includes

Pack of two 16oz plastic squeeze bottles with caps is a great value for money Naturally translucent, easy on hands and reusable

Modern Design

Ergonomically designed features flat base and cylindrical top coupled with red Snap-on tip caps Thoughtfully designed shape gives strong grip without deforming Tired of messy counters? Prevent leakage and accidental spills with our premium quality sauce squeeze bottle equipped with Yorker spout caps Features an easy snip tip to have the right sized orifice for optimum flow of thick or thin liquids Wide mouth of the bottle makes refilling easy A screw-on top keeps the cap intact around the tip and prevent wastage

Premium Quality

Crafted with food-grade high-quality plastic material Easy to squeeze and does not wear out or crack on frequent use Food grade plastic material makes it environmentally friendly and safe for your loved ones Can be used multiple times without compromising the quality Superior quality material of the food squeeze bottle lasts long and helps in saving money


Our versatile large squeeze bottle covers a wide range of Kitchen and craft applications. Either store your secret-recipe sauces or decorate cakes with our modern style plastic sauce bottle Suitable for different places and activities including cooking, bars, restaurants, arts and crafts, food festivals, camping, BBQs, and caterings

Easy to Wash

Experience the convenience of hassle-free cleaning with its 1.1” wide mouth opening Dishwasher friendly and resists heat up to 190◦F.

  • Impeccable Design: Thoughtfully designed in a pliable cylindrical shape with 2.37” flat base, our 16 ounce condiment squeeze bottle ensures easy and smooth release; Enjoy no-spill benefits, mess-free counters and easy cleaning with 1.1” orifice
  • Food Grade: Our lightweight , moisture resistant condiment bottles are eco-friendly and a healthy choice for your loved ones; They offer convenience and reusability time after time
  • No more Spills: Dispense with precision and confidence as our tie dye bottles are equipped with red Yorker spout caps; Not only they prevent accidental leakages but also fits perfectly on a pre-cut nozzle to accommodate viscous liquids
  • Versatile: Our plastic squeeze bottles are ideal for condiments, syrups, dressings, oils, vinegars and sauces; Enjoy mess-free arts and crafts by containing glues, adhesives, paints and glitters; Ideal squirt bottles for cooking In bars and cafes
  • Have easier and clean refills with wide mouthed design of our oil squeeze bottle. Its translucent material makes storage and sorting hassle free; Dishwasher friendly and withstand temperature from -100◦F to 190◦F