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We are proud to introduce you to Maesawa Beef from Ogata Farms. Maesawa Beef is widely known in Japan as the highest quality, and Ogata Farms takes that attention to quality to the extreme. Their diet includes beer lees which lend a perfect hint of sweetness to the meat. Ogata Farms even has a process to ensure their herd gets peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. They take the care of these animals to new heights and it shows.

Sourcing from the Iwate prefecture and getting our hands on Maesawa Beef from Ogata farms is on par with finding out Stag’s Leap exists and it’s a secret we can’t sit on any longer.

Our main cuts of Ogata are available in both A5 and A4, but we recently became the first US retailer to offer the even more exclusive BMS 12 as well. The A4 is slightly meatier and we’ve found a few of our guests over the years actually prefer this. Personally, we have trouble turning down A5 and BMS 12 is a no brainer for special occasions. No matter your choice, you’ll be eating some of the rarest and most luxurious steak in the world.

Beef this rare is in short supply and makes the perfect gift. We recommend you order today. Use code BBQBIBLE20 for a 20% discount.