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Lifesmart Precision Wood Pellet Grill with Griddle

  • 510 square inches of cooking surface with dual porcelain enamel grill racks
  • Versatile 8-in-1 pellet grill that allows you to smoke, grill, sear, roast, braise, dehydrate, bake and sauté
  • Precision digital control for a temperature range of 180°F to 500°F in 5 increments that is accurate within 1 Degree
  • Fuel with hardwood pellets
  • Includes a 155 square inch griddle which enables you to smoke then sear meats to seal in the ultimate flavor
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Lifesmart Pellet Grill

Precise, simple-to-use temperature control that allows you to grill low and slow or hot and fast. 

Lifesmart 8 in 1 pellet grill

Choose between using the excellent enamel grill racks to grill anything you have planned, or using the griddle surface for a quick cheeseburger, sautéing vegetables or cooking up eggs and bacon for breakfast. With efficient fuel usage, you can trust your Lifesmart pellet grill to make the perfect meal every time. Watch it in action: