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Morton & Bassett Chinese 5 Spice

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Morton & Bassett Chinese 5 Spice

Chinese Five Spice is an intense spice blend that adds an Asian flavor to meat and poultry dishes. Try in spice cakes, muffins or cookies. For an interesting twist, add to seafood batters or your favorite pumpkin pie recipe.

From Greece to Mexico, from Jamaica to Zanzibar, and all the way back to California, Morton & Bassett seeks out the best spices in the world, then packages them in clear glass bottles to show off the quality. Importantly, by running a smaller operation without big marketing expenses, Morton & Bassett is able to bring the finest, all natural, top quality spices to the consumer at about the same price as the products from the big spice companies.

  • Contains: cinnamon, anise seed, cloves, ginger and fennel.