Shellfish Steamer Bags 60 count – 16 Inch

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Shellfish Steamer Bags

These stretchable clam bake bags are the perfect way to cook steaming clams or any kind of shellfish. Make your clam bake easy with disposable mesh bags. Each clam bake bag is stretchable and is approximately 16″ long. One bag easily handles up to two pounds of shellfish, whether it’s Maine soft shell steamers, mussels, cherrystones or quahogs. You can also use these handy steamer bags to cook live lobsters up to two and a half pounds, making for safe and easy handling. Steamer Bags are convenient for guaranteed portion control and absuloute accountability. For quick handling portion your ingredients directly into the bag tie-off the end of your steamer bag drop your pre-portioned seafood directly into a pot of boiling water. When your seafood boil is ready just remove the entire mesh bag from the water with a pair of tongs or a long fork, cut open the mesh bag and serve with drawn butter and broth. These steaming bags are great for soup stocks and fresh herb packets as well.