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Grill Accessories

VertiGrille Vertical Skewer Rack

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Each VertiGrille Skewer Rack comes with 2 bases plus 24 skewers (12 doubles).

Racks are used for ribs, chicken wings, legs, salmon, vegetables and more. Even makes s’mores! Each holds up to 6 racks per skewer. Stores flat in kitchen drawer.

Great for smokers, grilling, barbecue and ovens. Cook 3X more food in the same space. Cook evenly without sticking.

Skewers length (height): 3.5”
Assembled: 9″ length; 3.4″ width; 3.75″ high
Stored: 9″ x 3.4″ x 0.75″
Grill footprint: 30 square inches
Grill space capacity: provides the equivalent of over 100+ square inches of flat grill or rack space.

  • Universal Rack for Ribs, Chicken Wings, Legs, Salmon.
  • Make Jalapeno Poppers, Beer Can Chicken, S’mores. Tacos.
  • Stores Flat in Kitchen Drawer.
  • Stainless. Use with Grills, Smokers and Ovens.
  • Made in USA.

How to Use

Read safety instructions. Keep away from children. Disassemble and store after use.