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A 4th of July Menu, Part II: Lone Star Beef Ribs with Bare Bones Barbecue Sauce

A 4TH OF JULY MENU, PART II: LONE STAR RIBS WITH BARE BONES BARBECUE SAUCE On Tuesday, we kicked off our Independence Day countdown with some spicy jalapeno shrimp kabobs. This week, we're turning to the, er, meat of the matter with some of the biggest bones around. LONE STAR RIBS WITH BARE BONES BARBECUE SAUCE When it comes to ribs, Texas lies at the opposite end of the spectrum from Kansas City or Memphis. Texans prepare ribs with simple seasonings...

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A 4th of July Menu, Part I: Jalapeno Shrimp Skewers

A 4TH OF JULY MENU, PART I: JALAPENO SHRIMP SKEWERS In anticipation of July 4th, I've put together an all-star Independence Day menu--it's what we'll be grilling this summer. Not that you need an excuse to break out the grill: If you're like many of our readers, every day is grill day, 24-7-365. I'll be rolling out the recipes on Tuesdays and Thursdays over the next two weeks, so check back in for the next installments. And now (drum roll, please)...

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Happy Holiday

Steven, Barbara, Betsy, and Jake hope you had a terrific Fourth of July holiday. They spent theirs' doing what they always do--barbecuing. (The photos below were actually taken last year for a spread in Vineyard Style Magazine...but are typical of a Raichlen-style Independence Day celebration.) Barbara and daughter Betsy decorated the table in traditional colors. What was on the menu? Grilled corn with garlic parsley butter (see...

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Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! We shared ours with a TV crew from Japan. The Tokyo Broadcasting System wanted to show how an American grilling guru spends the Fourth of July. So we staged a traditional barbecue, complete with grilled garlic bread, smoked brisket and salmon, grilled lobster, herb butter-basted grilled corn, and grilled pound with a patriotic assortment of strawberries, whipped cream, and blueberries for dessert. Our kids, chef Jake and nutritionist...

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