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A MUST-HAVE BOOK: BBQ A PARTY Peter De Clercq is simply one of the world's most innovative grill artists (I use the term "artist" deliberately) and his restaurant Elckerlijc in Maldegem, Belgium, is a "must visit" for anyone serious about climbing the ladder of barbecue enlightenment. It gives me great pleasure to announce the publication of his first book in the U.S.: BBQ A Party (Lannoo). Themed by occasion and filled with stunning photographs...

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BLOWING SMOKE IN BELGIUM Here's another way to smoke food when it's too cold outside to fire up your smoker. No, it's not a bong, and no, he didn't inhale! Above is Belgian grill master Peter LeClercq at his restaurant Elckerlijc in Maldegem, Belgium. (You can read more about Peter in Planet Barbecue.) Peter uses his Aladdin smoker to blast North Sea scallops with rosemary-infused smoke. Just before serving, the scallops are placed in a...

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STEVEN'S EUROPEAN TOUR - BELGIUM Greetings from Belgium, where French and Flemish editions of Planet Barbecue launched last month. Above is Steven with his friend, pit master Peter De Clercq. (You can read about Peter and his amazing grill restaurant, Elckerlijc, on page 430.) Above are Peter and Steven in the village of Maldegem new Bruge. A view from the kitchen to the dining room past a freshly carved cured ham. Peter's lobster roasted...

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