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GASTROPUBBING IN CLEVELAND Jonathon Sawyer, chef-owner of The Greenhouse Tavern in Cleveland's hip Gateway district, quipped during a recent dinner there that his oxymoronic restaurant concept is "snout to tail vegetarian". That got my attention. Turns out Jonathon has more than downtown Fourth Street cred. In 2010, he was named one of Food and Wine magazine's "Best New Chefs." Bon Appetit named the Greenhouse Tavern one of the country's top 10...

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BOOK TOUR CHRONICLES: A PHOTO SOUVENIR OF THE CLEVELAND FABULOUS FOOD SHOW No, I'm not a rock star, but I did march on stage to the beat of Springsteen's "Born in the USA" (Burn in the USA?!) The occasion? The first Fabulous Food Show in Cleveland, Ohio, dedicated to grilling. Catching up with an old pal, Emeril Lagasse. Historical side note: I first met Emeril when I was the restaurant critic for Boston Magazine and he was chef at the Parker...

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