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NEWLY-MINTED BARBECUE JUDGE    Nancy Loseke and KCBS instructor Mike Lake. For several years, Steven's assistant, Nancy Loseke, has had "get certified as a Kansas City Barbeque Society judge" on her bucket list. Thanks to KCBS instructor Mike Lake, who is also the President of KCBS, Nancy got her wish, as did the more than 50 other barbeque enthusiasts who attended the 6-hour class in Emmetsburg, Iowa, last month. If you're not familiar...

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And They’re Off!

And They're Off! Steven returned to Smoke 'N Fire in Kansas City to launch the Ultimate Grilling Contest--and his 2009 summer tour. The event raised more than $3000 for Steven's favorite charity, Oxfam, which not only feeds the hungry around the world, but helps the hungry feed themselves. (Check it out:'s a great cause.) To help get eveyone off to a roaring start, Smoke 'N Fire staged its own Ultimate Grilling Contest,...

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Kansas City 3

One of the fund-raiser dinners took place at KC Masterpiece and was hosted by non other than Rich Davis, dean of Kansas City barbecue and creator of KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce. Dr. Davis (who's day job was child psychiatrist and medical school dean before becoming a barbecue mogul) provided Steven with 30 years of personal barbecue research and archives. This material provided the start for the opening History of American Barbecue chapter in...

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Kansas City 2

Lest you think that Kansas City barbecue is a guy thing, meet two of the "Que Queens"--Karen Adler (right) and Judith Fertig. The pair have written several great books on barbecue, with a new one coming out this summer. Here they pose with a platter of radicchio grilled goat cheese--a recipe from Steven's Indoor Grilling.

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BBQ Legend

Here's Steven with one of the greatest living legends of barbecue, Dr. Rich Davis, the child psychiatrist turned medical school dean turned barbecue baron, who built a lifelong love of smoke and fire into the best selling premium barbecue sauce in America. Rich invented KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce, you see, and he was the first to realize you could make the sauce match the meat by adding a shot of liquid smoke. (Liquid smoke is an all natural product--made...

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Kansas City

Kansas City here we come. Week two of the the Indoor Grilling tour, we visited the Midwest, stopping in Kansas City to do a fund raiser for the fledgling Barbecue Hall of Fame and Museum Here's Steven with a "prairie schooner"--the sort of vehicle that brought East Coast pioneers to what would become one of the meccas of American barbecue. The Kansas City style (heavily smoked meats and sweet smoky barbecue sauce) originated in the 19th century...

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