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Where’s Steven, and what’s he eating?

Where's Steven? And what's he eating?  During the next two years, Steven will be traveling extensively, gathering material for a new book. He'll be keeping you updated on his travels and discoveries. In the meantime, he challenges you to guess what country he's in, and what dish has made him take his ever-present notebook and pen out of his pocket. Extra points if you can name the restaurant. Post your answers (or guesses) here on the Barbecue...

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Where's Steven? It's official! Steven has started his next book, Planet Barbecue. Over the course of the next two years, he'll be doing what he loves best--meeting grill masters and experiencing new forms of barbecue all over the world. He invites you to join him in his travels, and just like at Barbecue University, this blog comes with an exam. So where is Steven? Can you tell us in what country this photo was taken? (If you're really good, tell...

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