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YOU CAN GRILL WHAT??? This just in from our Bangkok correspondent, Allan Dresner: kao neow--grilled sticky rice and egg cakes. Dip rice in spiced beaten egg, then grill over a screaming hot charcoal fire. "The egg feels like an omelette around the rice," says Drez. Below are three other great grilled rice dishes from around the world: 1) Japan: onigiri--triangular cakes of grilled sticky rice often stuffed with sausage or beans 2) Laos: rice...

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SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW PAELLA? Meet the real McCoy. Cooked over a grapevine fire, made with rabbit and snails, and not a snippet of seafood. Just like a traditional paella. This is how they make it at the legendary Paco Gandia restaurant in the town of Pinoso in the Alicante region of Spain. It's in the middle of nowhere, but it's definitely worth a drive. Heat control is very simple: To raise the heat (and form the crust), simple add more grape...

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