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BLOWING SMOKE IN BELGIUM Here's another way to smoke food when it's too cold outside to fire up your smoker. No, it's not a bong, and no, he didn't inhale! Above is Belgian grill master Peter LeClercq at his restaurant Elckerlijc in Maldegem, Belgium. (You can read more about Peter in Planet Barbecue.) Peter uses his Aladdin smoker to blast North Sea scallops with rosemary-infused smoke. Just before serving, the scallops are placed in a...

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GRILLING, PHILLIPINES-STYLE (PART 2) A few weeks ago, we deputized our friend Alex Paman to be on the lookout for Filipino grilled specialties during a planned trip, and he generously shared his photos with us. (For more, see the most recent blog below.) Of the photo above, he says, "Grilled seafood platters are a staple in many of the Philippines' world-class beach resorts. This one, from Plantation Bay, features scallops, shrimp, mussels, and...

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Scallop Time on Martha’s Vineyard

Scallop Time on Martha's Vineyard It's that time of year again--bay scallop season--Steven was initiated into the art of scalloping by his foraging pal, Lionel Spiro. The tools of the trade are simple: a peep box (a wooden box with a glass bottom that lets you see the scallops on the sea bottom) and a dip net for scooping up the scallops. Our prey: the bay scallop, whose crenelated shell contains the sweetest nugget of meat in all of...

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