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If you want to take your cuisine to the next level do this…

Many have asked us “How is it possible to do 500 recipes!?” Good question!

One night, when we were enjoying a dinner that included several of Stevens fantastic recipes, we wondered “what is it that is making all these meals so unbelievably good?”

And then we realized. It was because we were on our quest to do all 500 and we weren’t doing just one of Stevens great recipes in a night and adding some average side dishes of our own to go with it.

No, we were doing multiple SR recipes in one dinner, and the more of his that we did, the more indescribably delicious the meals became from start to finish!

So, we offer for your enjoyment, the mind-blowing possibilities for peak cuisine when you have 500 awesome recipes to choose from!

Dinner Plans for June

2018 Finca La Cruz Spanish Ribera Del Duero Red Wine

We paired this 6 Star dinner with a terrific red wine that we absolutely love. It has a rating of 92 from Guia Penín, but we enjoy it here as our nightly table wine. It would easily be $50 in the US. We won`t tell you how little it cost here because if we did, you would pack your bags and move to Spain immediately.

Yassa Chicken with Lemon Mustard Sauce from Senegal (pg. 261 BBQB) 6 Stars

“I first encountered this dish at a Senegalese restaurant in Washington, D.C. It was a fairly mild version of a dish that can be quite fiery, flavored as it traditionally is with the African equivalent of a Scotch bonnet chili. The recipe is unusual by Western barbecue standards, but quite typical of Africa, in the meat is grilled first, then simmered in the lemon-mustard sauce.”

Yassa Chicken 2

Grilled Asparagus Bundles with Cabrales Cheese and Jamon Serrano (pg. 136 How to Grill Vegetables) 6 Stars

“Readers of my books know my enthusiasm for grilled asparagus. I love how the high dry heat of the fire crisps the stalks without softening them (as do boiling and steaming). I love how the fire brings out asparagus’s sweetness, while imparting nutty, smoky flavors that weren’t there before. Here asparagus gets the Spanish treatment with tangy Cabrales blue cheese and a crust wrapping of sweet-salty jamon Serrano.”

Grilled Asparagus

Side Salad

(Of your choice)

Vanilla Ice Cream with Fette Sau’s Coffee Rub (pg. 28 Barbecue Sauces, Rubs and Marinades) 6 Stars

Ice Cream

What?? Yes, you read that right. We had some Fette Sau rub leftover from my attempt at smoked Brisket of a few nights ago. Alynne thought, “Maybe that would be good on some vanilla ice cream with a splash of coffee and caramel liqueurs…” Are you kidding? It was fantastic!

“A polymorphic amalgam of espresso, cumin, cinnamon and brown sugar…”—says Steven—that goes fabulously with some French Vanilla Ice Cream…say Robert & Alynne!

All recipes can be found in The Barbecue Bible!

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