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Barbecue Bible’s Top 10 Recipes of 2020 + Healthy Grilling Recipes from Around the World

One of our favorite New Year’s rituals here at Steven Raichlen, Inc., is to look back on the past year and identify the most searched barbecue topics, trends, and recipes on our website. This roundup, which includes the two blogs we publish weekly as well as nearly 1000 of Steven’s recipes, helps us understand how to be an even better resource for you in the future.


Steven Raichlen’s Barbecue Trends 2021

Covid vaccines have arrived. The election year is behind us. I’m beginning to allow myself to think that 2021 will be not only better than 2020—but awesome. With the new year come new trends to help us grill and eat better. As I look into my barbecue crystal ball, here’s what I see for 2021.

The Barbecue Trends of 2020 + 18 Tips for Best Pellet Grill Performance

This year, like most of us, I’ve been confined to my home—except for a brief trip to Baltimore to tape Project Fire Season 3. So for part one of this year’s trends blog, I’m largely relying on you! I asked my followers what trends they’ve observed. The results have been both predictable (sadly) and encouraging.

Do You Know Exactly When to Flip the Steak? We Can Help!

Enjoy the worry-free grilling experience provided by the Wireless Meat Thermometer from Yummly®. Yummly® then monitors the meat’s and grill’s temperatures to let you know exactly when to flip and when to pull the food out (including resting time!).

Italian Porchetta for the Holidays + BBQ Cookbooks to Gift & Get

For the big holiday meal, you’ve likely served prime rib, smoked ham, or turkey. But we’d like to introduce you to one of our new favorites, Italian porchetta.

10 Best Grilling Gift Ideas For 2020

It’s in this spirit that we once again assembled our annual holiday gift guide for grillers and smokers. Chances are good you’ll discover something you want for yourself!

4 Recipes You Can Perfect With A Wireless Meat Thermometer

Looking for recipe inspiration for your next meal? Look no further than these four recipes. Whether you need a quick weeknight meal or a fun weekend feast, these four meats can be perfected when you use a wireless meat thermometer.

The Best Black Friday Deals on BBQ and Grilling Gear!

Today is the day! Black Friday is upon us — it’s the time of year to buy gifts at low prices, or reward yourself with an early stocking stuffer. We’ve hunted for grilling-related deals so you don’t have to. Below are some of our favorite products. Happy shopping!

Grill The Best Prime Rib Every Time + The Essential Thanksgiving BBQ Recipes

To make your next attempt more successful, we’ve compiled a list you can use as a guide to achieving the perfect prime rib.

Plus, three informative blogs on how to finesse Thanksgiving, the most popular food holiday of the year. 

The Perfect Gift for Grillers: Steak Knives

A great steak knife makes a great steak (or brisket or tenderloin or whatever you’ve got grilling) even better. How? A razor-sharp, fine-edged knife cuts cleanly instead of sawing through the meat. That leaves more of the flavorful juices where they belong—in your steak.

8 Things You May Not Know About Z Grills’ 700 Series Pellet Grills

Whether you’re new to pellet grills or an early adopter who is looking to upgrade to a new model, we’ve compiled 8 facts that will help you assess Z Grills’ 700 Series.


Steven’s Favorite Olive Oil for Only $1

Like salt and pepper, I consider premium extra virgin olive oil a “desert island” ingredient, one I’d hate to live without. Taste it, and you’ll never look back.

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