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Homemade Gifts of Smoke, Spice, and Spirit for the Griller

There’s something supremely satisfying about presenting people with a homemade gift, especially one related to grilling or smoking. But time is growing short, so while days-long home-cured bacon or pastrami are out, we found many recipes in our archives that fit the bill. Everything from rubs, to our favorite barbecue sauces, to beef jerky, and more.

Back to Basics: The Ultimate Guide to Reverse-Searing Prime Rib

A standing rib roast—more commonly known as prime rib—is one of the most magisterial cuts of meat you can put on your holiday table, emblematic of your generosity and unimpeachable good taste. Cooking this precious beef roast less than perfectly could have serious economic and maybe even personal consequences. And the damage to your reputation as a grill master? Incalculable. You’ll definitely want to avoid that. Read on.

Is it Pizza? Is it Flatbread? No, it’s Flammkuchen!

Looking for a last-minute holiday gift for a foodie? Check out the German-made HORL knife sharpener. In addition, try making traditional Flammkuchen, a German flatbread pizza that originated in Alsace. Top it with cheese, onions, and bacon, cook it in a hot oven, and garnish it with fresh chives.

You’ll look look like a genius of the grill!!

You Can Smoke WHAT? + December’s Best Recipes

Chances are you buffed your smoking skills over the past few months, mastering pulled pork, ribs, turkey, and maybe even brisket or home-cured bacon. Are you ready to take your smoking skills to the next level? There are many foods (not all of them proteins) that are revelatory when infused with the complex flavors of wood smoke. Below are foods you may never have dreamed you could smoke—but you’ll sure be glad you did!

Side Dish Spotlight: Grilled and Smoked Thanksgiving Classics

We took an informal poll, and discovered (not to our surprise) that having filled their Thanksgiving plates, most people first steer their forks to the side dishes—mashed potatoes, the infamous green bean casserole, and bread stuffing.

Not throwing shade on turkey, of course, but we rounded up some of our favorite grilled or smoked side dishes. (The only exception is Claire’s Cranberry Walnut Bread, which could be baked in an oven.) So if you’re ready to add a new item or two to your T-Day menu, read on. And Happy Thanksgiving to all from Steven, Barbara, and the Barbecuebible team.

A Campfire Pot Roast with the Petromax Dutch Oven

Explore the art of outdoor cooking with our blog, featuring a tantalizing Campfire Pot Roast recipe crafted in a Petromax Dutch Oven. Uncover step-by-step instructions, pro tips, and the joy of savoring a flavorful, slow-cooked meal beneath the open sky.

Kobe Japanese A5 Wagyu Ribeye with Schwank Grill

Holy Grail Steak’s Kobe Japanese A5 Wagyu Ribeye and the cutting-edge Schwank Grill, which reaches an astonishing 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, will elevate your home dining experience. This rare Kobe beef, known for its strong marbling and scarcity, guarantees a delectable, melt-in-your-mouth experience. This gastronomic excursion assures an exceptional steakhouse experience when combined with Holy Grail Steak’s Wagyu Tour Pack, which includes top-grade steaks.

The propane-powered Schwank Grill creates the ideal sear in minutes, delivering a golden and crispy outside without overcooking. Say goodbye to long waits, since most steaks are cooked in just three minutes, outperforming typical gas barbecues. With Holy Grail Steak and the Schwank Grill, you can enjoy the pinnacle of steak perfection at home.

Back to Basics: How to Smoke-Roast Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Preparing a Thanksgiving meal can be a daunting task, especially for first-time hosts. But the centerpiece of the meal—a moist, Instagram-worthy, and gloriously burnished smoked turkey with Rockwell-esque aspirations can be one of the easiest dishes on your T-Day menu. Really. Read on.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Made Easy with the INKBIRD INT-11P-B Thermometer

One of the most important aspects of your outdoor cook, whether you are grilling or smoking, is being able to control and monitor the temperature of your food and the temperature of your grill. A lot of the time the built-in thermometer on your grill can be inaccurate. Especially in my setup. So, some kind of digital thermometer is a MUST HAVE in your arsenal of grilling and smoking tools. I recently received the INKBIRD INT-11P-B Wireless Thermometer for review. The fact that this thermometer is wireless was really appealing to me. So, I was really looking forward to trying out this thermometer for my next session over the grill.

Luscious Chopped Pork Using the Horl 2 Knife Sharpening System

In this blog, we delve into the timeless pursuit of crafting the perfect burger with 10 essential steps that will elevate your barbecue game to new heights, unraveling the secrets to creating succulent, mouthwatering patties.

Back to Basics: The 10 Essential Secrets to a Perfect Burger

In this blog, we delve into the timeless pursuit of crafting the perfect burger with 10 essential steps that will elevate your barbecue game to new heights, unraveling the secrets to creating succulent, mouthwatering patties.

The Road to Tender Smoked Turkey: Brine and Spice with Confidence

Occasionally, I get the opportunity to cook something for A lot of the time it’s something that I have never done before. (I am a fairly inexperienced griller.) In this case, it was smoked turkey. I’ve always been afraid to smoke turkey. Mostly because I’m worried that it will come out dry. When I mentioned this once at our weekly team meeting, Steven suggested that I brine the turkey first. Brining is something that I never considered. But when I found out about how to do it, but more importantly, why to do it, it really boosted my confidence.

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