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When I bought The Barbecue! Bible in a Southern California bookstore 15 years ago, I had never heard of Steven Raichlen, but the recipes looked so exciting that I just had to have it. When Alynne and I finally dusted it off three years ago and did our first recipes, we quickly learned why Steven has become as well-known as he is now.

Robbie and Aly

If you’ve read our story, you know that when we first used The Barbecue! Bible with over 500 recipes, we never imagined we would want to do them all – if that was even possible! Most people never do more than a small handful of recipes from any particular cookbook but instead typically do and redo their standard day-to-day meals. We were no exception. But we are here to tell you that something really wonderful will happen when you change that pattern!

We realize now that we will never go back to cooking the way we did before. Our epic journey to do all 500+ recipes has given us a whole new appreciation for interesting, exotic and really delicious food that we never before had the pleasure of enjoying. My previous idea of peak cuisine was ‘Surf and Turf’ at a good restaurant on a Friday night. Now, I’ll take one of Steven’s exotic global recipes grilled at home any day of the week!

Alynne and I haven’t eaten the same meal twice in over two years. It’s just too satisfying and rewarding to enjoy a new adventure every night exploring the fantastic recipes Steven has brought in from his many years on the global barbecue trail. And we never even have to leave the backyard! When you take this trip with us, you will never experience eating or cooking in the same way again. It will alter your entire relationship with food for the better. Forever!

We guarantee it.

Warm regards,
Robbie & Aly

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