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Grilled and Smoked Cocktails You Can Make At Home + Vegan Grilling Recipes

Some years ago, a tiny book arrived in my mailbox—a mere 124 pages and small enough to fit in your shirt pocket. But don’t underestimate it for its size—the author, a longtime friend of this barbecue community named Dave Stolte, managed to fit more good sense and great recipes into what has become one of my go-to cocktail reference books: Home Bar Basics and Not-So-Basics. I recently asked Dave how he felt about grilled cocktails. He graciously responded with this blog. So fire it up and down the hatch. Cheers!

A grilled recipe for those who can’t get enough pumpkin spice!

October is a glorious time of year for lovers of live-fire cooking. Not only is it prime time for tailgating (at home), October is National Pork Month, National Pizza Month, and National Seafood Month! We even have a recipe for those of you who can’t get enough pumpkin spice.

A Spicy, Sticky, Messy Chicken Wing Recipe + How To Grill The Perfect Fish Steak

If you ask me, wings are meant to be a simple pleasure. I’m happy as long as they taste good, are easy to make, and hit these three marks: Spicy. Sticky. Messy. If that’s enough to satisfy you, too, you’ll also love this simple, sweet-and-just-a-little-spicy recipe.

Southern Grilling Recipes From Sean Brock + 8 Ways To Grill Perfect Chicken Breasts

Southern food is one of the most beloved and delicious cuisines in America. And who better to give us the key elements of Southern cuisine than Sean Brock, the award-winning chef and Southern-food crusader. 

Host A Safe Labor Day Cook-Out With Hot Dogs And Brats

Of course, this is the first Labor Day being celebrated in the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic, meaning certain precautions will have to be taken to ensure you and your friends and family remain safe. We’ve also rounded up some tips for a socially distanced barbecue.

Sweet Corn Around The World + Grilled Mahi Mahi

Are you ready for your sweet corn epiphany? Just in time for Labor Day, here are 10 globally inspired ideas for taking this year’s crop over the top.

One of the Most Versatile Cuts of Meat You Can Grill or Smoke

A pork loin roast—especially a boneless one—is one of the most versatile cuts of meat you can grill or smoke. It’s also relatively inexpensive, and in our experience, has been plentiful even as other meats have become scarce or pricy in the wake of the Covid pandemic. Here are a few of the many ways it can be prepared.

9 Recipes to Grill or Smoke in August + The Black Contribution To American Barbecue

Of course, summer’s not done yet! There’s plenty to look forward to in August, from sun-ripened tomatoes to just-picked sweet corn, Hatch chiles, summer squash, and new potatoes. If you don’t tend a vegetable garden, please support your local farmers’ markets. Now fire up your grills and smokers!

ENTER NOW! High-Tech Indoor And Outdoor Grilling Sweepstakes

We partnered with some of our friends to bring you a sweepstakes that will help you take control of the entire cook and celebrate the ease of use and fabulous flavors to be found using a pellet grill outdoors or a griddle grill indoors! Enter our sweepstakes today!

Smoke-Braising: Our New Favorite Technique + What’s YOUR Favorite Method of Live Fire Cooking?

Braising outdoors not only keeps your summer kitchen cool, it gives you the option of seasoning your dish with fragrant wood smoke. We like the technique so much, we call it “smoke-braising.”

Spare Ribs > Baby Backs. Do You Agree?

To politics and religion—topics not to be discussed in polite company—you might want to add barbecued pork ribs.

On the other hand, if you want to stir up a little trouble, announce your preference for spare ribs over baby backs. Then wait for it. Boom!

Introducing Steven’s Wood Chips and Wood Chunks! + Knives We Love from Shun Cutlery

It’s our pleasure to announce the latest addition to Steven’s line of barbecue products: Barbecue Essentials Wood Chips and Chunks. They will add incomparable flavor and authenticity to your next grilled or smoked meal.