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Save the Date — Barbecue University Has A New Home!

It’s official—Barbecue University™ has a new home! We’re moving to the luxurious Montage Palmetto Bluff resort in the heart of South Carolina’s Lowcountry.

3 Amazing Recipes for Your Griddle Grill + The Perfect Holiday Side Dish

To make the most of your Blackstone, we’ve compiled 3 recipes from our friends at Yukon Glory, who specialize in tools for your griddle grill.

How to Grill Tender Meat Every Time + 10 Homemade Gifts for Barbecue Lovers

Once again, we’ve combed our extensive recipe files to come up with worthy candidates for homemade gifts for the barbecue enthusiasts in your life. Happy Holidays!

Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Griller (Maybe That’s You…)

It’s time once again for our popular compilation of gift ideas for your favorite griller (maybe that’s you). We’ve included everything from Steven’s popular line of sauces and rubs to Barbecue University in all price ranges.

Why You Won’t Find Me Spatchcocking a Turkey

Every year, just before Thanksgiving, the blogosphere explodes with eccentric methods for cooking turkey. But the weirdest cooking method among them is spatchcocking.

Simplify Your Holiday: A Pre-Cooked Whole Turkey + A Menu for a Small Gathering

Considering everything else you’re preparing, why not relieve the stress of basting and timing the turkey, and order a pre-smoked turkey?

BBQ Lovers Would Really Love to Find This Under the Tree

Next to the grill, knives may be the most essential tools for BBQ. Shun is ready with premium high-performance cutlery handcrafted in Japan.

10 of the Best Tailgate-Worthy Recipes + Cooking An A5 Wagyu Brisket

Time to step up your game and go in for the win. We’re here to help by sharing 10 of our best tailgate-worthy recipes.

Japanese Wagyu 101: 9 Best Tips to Cook it Perfectly

You read that right. In five minutes, you can have Japanese Wagyu salted, seared and ready to be savored. It’s a delicacy, with incredibly intricate marbling and umami-richness, so small portions are a must.

The 11 Essential Recipes Steven Raichlen Can’t Live Without

After months of debate, I’ve come up with the Raichlen top eleven—eleven essential recipes I can’t grill or live without and that I’m sure I’ll continue grilling for the rest of my life.

WIN This Sweepstakes for the Best Tailgate Around!

To help you impress your friends and win the contest for best tailgate around, our partners are offering the following prize to one lucky winner!

Meet the Brisket Whisperer + 6 Steps to Perfect Barbecued Bones

I’ve consolidated some of my top rib tips, tricks, and hacks to make sure you’ll be eating superlative bones by the weekend.

Shun Higo No–Kami Folding Knife