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Quality and Precision in Every Blade: The HORL2 Knife Sharpener

When it comes to the culinary world, the importance of a sharp knife cannot be overstated for professional or home cooks. (Though it seems counterintuitive, dull knives are more dangerous than sharp knives, and are difficult to work with. Try slicing a fresh tomato with a dull blade. Not pretty.) But have you ever wondered what makes a knife sharpener truly exceptional? The answer lies in the precision of the sharpening angle of the blade to the sharpener’s surface, and the quality of the tool. Enter the HORL2 sharpener, a product of passion, tenacity, and precision.

Back to Basics with Pork Shoulder: Easy and Affordable

Intimidated by low and slow barbecuing? Aspiring pit master, meet pork shoulder. It’s flavorful, forgiving, amply feeds a crowd, and best of all—it’s easy.

Pork shoulder is one of the most versatile meats in the marketplace, sometimes selling for as little as $1.99 per pound. Rich in collagen and intramuscular fat, this cut is popular among most of the world’s grilling cultures

Delectable Labor Day Recipes

It’s hard to believe, but the final salute to summer—Labor Day—is almost here. This tribute to the country’s workforce is one of America’s most popular grilling holidays, luring more than half of us to our back yards, patios, public parks, etc. You could fall back on tried-and-true recipes that have formed the core of your warm weather menus, but why not surprise family and friends with something new? See our delectable nominations of Labor Day Recipes.

Grilling Like A Pro With Tajima Wagyu Ribeye And Fresh Veggies

What are you grilling this summer? One of my favorite foods to grill in the summer months are the fresh veggies from my garden. They range from zucchini, squash, onion, peppers, corn on the cob, and even tomatoes for a sauce or a fire-roasted soup. I use my grills and smokers year-round, but I think there is something special about grilling a steak on a warm summer night. And the fresh veggies from my garden are the perfect complement.

How to Cook the Perfect Rack of Pork Ribs

We proudly announce the start of a new series on Back to Basics. A series of monthly blogs that dive deep into the dishes you want to master and help you shine at when you serve them to your guests. The guiding principles. The essential techniques. The grill master secrets and watchpoints that enable you to nail it every time. Back to Basics. Our goal is to make you look good.

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