Filipino Barbecue

From scrumptious pork skewers bought at street-corner stalls, to centerpiece whole roasted pigs displayed proudly at home banquets and community fiestas, barbecue is an integral and celebrated component of native Filipino cuisine. Filipino Barbecue is an introductory guide to the native grilling traditions of the Philippines.

While far from comprehensive, it does offer the home cook authentic recipes and information collected from the mother country itself, as well as its neighboring countries in the Pacific. Filipino cuisine is noticeably absent in the cooking section of most bookstores today, and what better way to introduce it to the Mainstream than to make it accessible to your backyard grill? Everyone loves a good barbecue, so open up this book, pick a recipe, and fire up the grill or hibachi. You won’t be hungry for long, and you’ll definitely be coming back for seconds or thirds—and maybe even more.


It’s about time! Filipino barbecue may be the best kept culinary secret in Asia—dazzling in its diversity, virtuoso in its execution, stunning in its soulful flavors…. I spent hours pouring over Filipino Barbecue and my grilling repertory is definitely richer having read the book.”  —Steven Raichlen