Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible

The Barbecue Bible FAQ

Dear fellow bbq fanatics: The good news is that hundreds of you have interesting questions for the Grilling Guru. The bad news is that I’m only one guy with only 24 hours a day and I’m weeks behind on responding to emails.

Many of you ask one of the following questions:

Q: I saw you make X on the show. Could you please email me the recipe?

All the recipes featured on the BBQ University TV show are either a) on the BBQ U or this web site or b) in my book, How to Grill. The latter can be ordered through Maryland Public Television ( or on the store on this site. Book purchases are a great way to support Public Television and one of the ways we keep BBQ U on the air.

Q: How can I find out when and where BBQ U will air in my area?

Go to and click on “Where to Watch.” Scroll down to your state and city. If you don’t see the show listed for your area, please write your local Public Television station and ask them to carry it. By the way, if you like the show, please let your local station know. PBS loves to hear from its viewers.

Q: How can I get info/ sign up for Barbecue University at The Broadmoor? What are the costs and when’s the next session?

This page will give you the dates and costs. For information, please contact The Broadmoor at 800-634-7711. We look forward to seeing you there!