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ChefsTemp Quad XPro Long-Range Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer

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ChefsTemp Quad XPro Long-Range Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer

Monitoring temperatures from your yard or home has been made easier with ChefsTemp’s Quad XPro BBQ Alarm Thermometer. The Quad XPro allows you to stay connected and track the live cooking temperatures of your food with a transmission distance up to 500 feet (or 150 meters), ensuring that your food is at the right temperature and perfectly smoked at all times. If the temperature is over the high or low target settings, the Quad XPro will sound and send signals to the receiver. Its effective 4 Channel Splash-Proof Casing and RF Wireless Technology-enabled features make this a cooking device you can’t go without. Experience the convenience of ChefsTemp’s Quad XPro, making your cooking process more seamless than ever before. The Quad XPro can also be used for a wide range of cooking methods, including smoking, barbecuing, roasting, and more. Achieving the right temperature is crucial to achieving outstanding results when it comes to smoking-making an effective remote alarm thermometer an essential culinary tool for monitoring cooking temperature when smoking any kind of food.


  • 4-Channel: Track up to three different cooks at once plus your pit temp.
  • Dashboard-Style Display: Shows Min/Max; High/Low.
View all channels and temperature data at once.
No fumbling with buttons or switching between channels.
  • IP66 Waterproof: Splash-proof sealed design for outdoor use, rated to IP66.
  • Long Range Transmission: 500 feet/150 meters (1m above the ground).
Guaranteed to keep you connected to your cook from anywhere in your home or yard.
  • Wireless Technology: Adopting all-new RF wireless technology.