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Grill Accessories


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The FlavrQ system allows gas grill users to enjoy the charcoal flavor achievable only by charcoal grill users — until now.  The #1 must-have gas grill accessory consists of the FlavrQ grid and all-natural, chemical-free ChipCharwood. The FlavrQ grid installs into your gas grill in seconds, with no tools required. FlavrQ ChipCharwood is easy-to-use, imparting an authentic wood flavor that makes food taste better, naturally. It heats faster and hotter than cooking with gas alone, so your food is also juicier. The high heat leaves very little ash to clean up, making for a tasty and convenient grilling experience from start to finish. Add FlavrQ to your gas barbecue grill and add that natural, wood charcoal flavor to everything you cook!