Grilled Pizza with FlavrQ: A Wood-Fired Experience on Your Gas Grill

Grilled Pizza

Working in the Barbecuebible test kitchen I trial and test grills, cook premium cuts of meat and fish, and create recipes with new spice rubs and sauces. I would like to introduce you to FlavrQ.

The FlavrQ Grid System was developed by grilling, smoking, and barbecue experts. The FlavrQ grid system is designed to “Boost Your Q” on your gas grill. The FlavrQ system allows you to add natural, smoky, wood charcoal flavor to the food you cook on your gas grill. The system consists of the FlavrQ Grid and the ChipCharwood.

FlavrQ Grid System

How does the system work? The FlavrQ Grid is placed under the grates of your gas grill. The ChipCharwood chips are then placed on the grid. You ignite your gas grill as usual and the chips are hot in just a few minutes. The high heat of the chips increases the temperature you can cook at and imparts a natural wood flavor. The grid is easy to install, is stainless steel, and can be left in your grill. The patented ChipCharwood is made from Canadian sugar maple. The ultra hot chips sear your food faster than when cooking with gas alone. The ChipCharwood chips leave very little ash and require minimal clean up.

FlavrQ Grid System

To test the FlavrQ system I decided to grill a pizza. I love to grill pizza over a wood fire, but controlling the heat can be difficult. I figured the FlavrQ system would allow me to get the smoky aroma of a wood fire while grilling a pizza on my gas grill.

Grilled Pizza

Here is how it all came together. I must confess that I usually buy dough rolled out from my local pizza place. I buy dough because it saves time and I have struggled to make the perfect pizza dough. I know it tastes better when you make your own. If you want to make your own, check out Steven’s recipe for pizza dough.

I inserted the FlavrQ Grid in my gas grill. I then put the grates back in place and spooned the wood chips over the grid. I fired up the grill as usual. While the grill and the chips heated up, I prepared my pizza.

Grilled Pizza

I oiled one side of the dough and placed it oiled side down on the grill once the grill and chips were hot. The dough cooked for thirty seconds, then I gave it a quarter turn and it cooked for another 30 seconds. Once I saw the dough start to blister, I knew it was time to remove the dough.

I oiled the uncooked side of the dough, then placed it cooked side up on a pizza peel. Now it was time to build the pizza. Keep the grill closed while you build your pizza to keep the heat in.

Due to the high heat produced with the FlavrQ system, the dough cooked faster than I anticipated. The toppings for my pizzas are often inspired by what is in the refrigerator or in my garden. I started by spreading my fig-orange barbecue sauce on the dough. I topped the sauce with smoked Gruyère cheese and strips of prosciutto. I recommend that you keep your toppings light due to the high heat of the FlavrQ system.

Pizza on the Grill

The pizza was returned to the grill and cooked for thirty seconds. I gave the pizza a quarter turn and it cooked an additional thirty seconds. To finish the pizza, I topped it with fresh arugula, freshly cracked black pepper, and a balsamic glaze.

The Results

The crust was crispy due to the high heat of the grill and had a nice bite. It also had a smoky taste and aroma just as if it was cooked over a wood fire. The fig-orange sauce was not too sweet and was balanced by the peppery arugula. The prosciutto was salty and crispy. The smoked cheese melted quickly and paired well with the smoky pizza crust. The balsamic glaze provided one last punch of flavor and complemented the fig-orange sauce.

FlavrQ - Grilled Pizza

The smoky aroma, the char, and the crispness of the crust made me feel that my pizza was cooked in a wood or coal fired oven. If you are looking to incorporate the flavor and aroma of a wood fire on your gas grill, try the FlavrQ system.


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