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More events coming soon, for now, check out Barbecue University 2015:

Steven Raichlen's Barbecue University
Here at BBQ U, we’ve been called a lot of things. (“Best BBQ experience in the U.S.”—Food Network; “One of the best and most fun experiences of my career”—Larry Olmsted,

But none has quite captured the spirit of the school (or made us smile) as a recent story by Senior Editor Tim Cebula in Cooking Light magazine: “Like fantasy camp for coalheads”.

Well, for all you coalheads in our barbecue community, we’re excited to announce the 2015 dates for Barbecue University™ at the fabulous 5-star Broadmoor resort in Colorado Springs: June 3 to 6 and June 7 to 10.

Oct 3 2015

Induction Ceremony for Barbecue Hall of Fame

American Royal Complex, Kansas City, MO

Time: 7:00pm

Steven will be honored by being officially inducted into the Barbecue Hall of Fame in Kansas City.