What Is It? The Rib Rack

Best of Barbecue Rib Rack

It’s a challenge that frustrates rib fanatics everywhere.

Vertical grills and smokers, like the kettle grill, Weber Smokey Mountain, and Big Green Egg, turn out excellent moist smoky ribs. But a 22-inch diameter grill grate accommodates two, maybe three racks of baby backs. (Even fewer if you’re smoking spareribs or beef long ribs.)

And two racks of ribs do not a party make.

There’s a simple solution: cook the ribs upright in a rib rack. This doubles your grill capacity and the vertical orientation of the ribs offers another advantage: it helps drain off excess fat. (Position the ribs with the wide end facing up.)

rib rack in use-croppedWhen I designed the Best of Barbecue Rib Rack, I made the compartments extra wide (to accommodate beef ribs) and the crossbars extra tall (to support beef ribs and spare). I also added extra crossbars to provide support for short racks, like Danish baby backs.

Think of this simple device as a rib condominium. And don’t think of firing up your grill or smoker without it.

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