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Grilling with Cherry Wood and Fresh Cherries


When it comes to flavor, nothing can beat the aroma of wood smoke. You may be familiar with using hickory, apple or oak wood, but have you tried smoking with cherry wood?

Cherry can be used the same way you would other varieties: toss soaked wood chips on the coals of your charcoal grill or add them to the smoker box of your gas grill. I came to appreciate fragrant cherry wood during my sojourn to the Pacific Northwest—Cherry Wood Chips are killer for smoking salmon and poultry.

There is another way to achieve the type of aromatics that wood can bring to your food: grilling on a wood plank. I know you’re familiar with Cedar Grilling Planks for salmon. What you may not realize is that other hardwoods make great grilling planks—each with its own distinct flavor. Use a cherry wood plank for your next planked dish.

For a full demonstration of the power of cherry flavor, try smoked duck breast—smoked using cherry wood with a cherry salsa created the perfect trifecta of flavor in a crispy, tender duck breast.

Watch below for a video on how to use a pellet grill to make this aromatic dish:

Still looking for more inspiration? Try Cherry-Smoked Strip Steak where the aromas really shine.

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