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On the road again

So what’s it take to turn a school bus into a barbecue bus? Ours was painted bright yellow in St. Louis, outfitted with shelving in Connecticut, then loaded up at the freight dock of Workman Publishing in Greenwich Village in New York. Our gear includes three grills-a basic 22-1/2 Weber® kettle grill, a mighty 6 burner Weber® Summit® gas grill, and the formidable Ranch® Kettle (a charcoal grill that measures more than 3 feet across). Thus armed, we can get a batch of Buffa-que wings smoked in 30 minutes, or cook bratwurst for 100 people in less than an hour. To get the grills on and off the bus, we use motorcycle ramps and after just a week, Mike has the unloading and loading procedure down to a science.