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Home at last

Home at last after five weeks on the road for book tour! I left Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday, May 26 and returned home just in time for Independence Day. Our journey began in Philadelphia (birthplace of the United States) and ended on the beach in Santa Monica in LA. Along the way, we put 7800 miles on the Barbecue Bus, and met hundreds if not thousands of fabulous barbecue enthusiasts.
Highpoints included an interview with Howard Stern, meeting my long lost cousin Leslie at a grilling contest for the Cincinnati Inquirer (readers chose 8 mystery ingredients for me to cook with), cooking with our friends from City Barbecue in Columbus and Super Smokers in St. Louis, dinner at Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago, talking buffalo with Kevin Costner in Aspen at the Food & Wine Classic, bar-hopping with Cousin Dave in Austin, teaching at Central Market in four Texas locations, eating Johnsonville bratwurst at just about every stop along the way, playing golf at the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, and doing a wee hours satellite media tour in Los Angeles. And of course, the grand finale–barbecuing with Al Roker at the Today Show.
My first meal off the barbecue trail was pizza. As for the bus and Mike, they were last seen driving down the Strip in Las Vegas. So honk if you love barbecue.