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American Food & Entertaining Awards

Congrats and kudos! Your faithful Grilling Guru has been named “Cooking Teacher of the Year” by Bon Appetit Magazine for its 6th annual American Food & Entertaining Awards. “Raichlen likes to underscore food’s role in the world,” explains the October issue of Bon Appetit. He explores “how a particular dish fits into the larger picture of the human experience-what is says about the region, the people who invented and specialize in it, and the culture where it flourishes.” The Grilling Guru is certainly in good company: other award recipients include Food Humanitarian of the Year, Jeff Bridges; Chef of Merit, Mario Batali; and Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Knopf cookbook editor, Judith Jones. To see when Steven is teaching in your area, click on Steven Raichlen Tour Schedule or About Barbecue University.

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