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Big John’s Alabama Bar-B-Que

Best Joint: Big John’s Alabama Bar-B-Que

Where: 5707 North 40th Street, Tampa, Florida 33610

Phone: 813-626-9800 or 813-628-9353

Online: Are you kidding? These guys don’t fool with no stinkin’ PC!

What: They serve pork, ribs, chickin, rabbit and other good stuff.

Why: No don’t leave! It’s actually safe neighborhood and the place isn’t on fire, but you may want to get your order to go if the smoke is too thick for you in the dining room. I kind of like it, if I don’t have to go on a job interview afterwards. Order at the counter, and have a seat on one of the picknic tables. They’ll have it ready for you in a minute or two. . . and if you like real smokey traditional BBQ then you are in for a real treat. It’s cheap too, and their home-made sauce is fantastic. Last time I ordered a whole chicken there, they cut it up and put it in a box. Let’s see, whole chicken . . . hmmmm . . . four legs, three thighs, three brests and two wings . . . looks like is all there! Believe me, Big John’s takes care of you. Also voted the Best and the worst of Tampa Bay (best BBQ, but worst air quailty due to heavy smoke in the dining area)!

BBQ Forrest
Tallahassee, FL

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