Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible

In October, Steven and Barbara did something they don’t do very often. They took a vacation. And where better to get a break from grilling than the watery city of Venice.
Of course, it was only a matter of days until Steven was back on the barbecue trail, discovering the one restaurant in Venice that has a charcoal burning grill, Da Ivo.
This postage-stamp size dining room (maybe a dozen tables) serves some of the best food in Venice. It’s so close to a canal, passing gondoliere can reach in the window for a glass of wine. The Ivo in question is one Natale Ivo and his Tuscan heritage is immediately evident one of the house specialties, porterhouse steak grilled over olive wood charcoal and finished with sage and supernaturally fruity olive oil. Next time you’re in Venice, be sure to pay Da Ivo a visit (it’s not inexpensive, but it’s eminently worth it). For Ivo’s recipe for grilled monkfish with parsley sauce, check out Steven’s new book, Indoor Grilling!

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