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Grilling Accessories

Many of you have been asking about my new line of grilling accessories. In the upcoming blogs, I’ll show you some of the cool tools, fuels, and flavorings we’ve come up with, but first I want you to meet my partner in crime, Chuck Adams. Chuck is the founder of The Companion Group, and I venture to say, if you have any decent accessories by your grill, his company probably made them.

The Companion Group pioneered (among many other devices) the chimney starter, the s’more fork, and corn grilling rack. Together, Chuck and I have come up with more than 50 new products in the SR “Best of Barbecue” line. Here, Chuck is holding our ultimate grill brush (the largest on the market), while I’m holding our revolutionary new grill hoe (designed for raking out the coals for 3 zone and indirect grilling). By my left elbow is our grill:head light” (you’ll never grill in the dark again), and by Chuck’s right elbow is a side view of our ultimate grill rack, which is big enough to accommodate a monster rack of beef ribs. Notice our new “Greatest Hits of BBQ U” DVD on the monitor by my left shoulder. The products will launch at the end of April and will be available on the Barbecue Store.

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