Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible

Beyond rotisserie chicken?

When Steven and Barbara visited St. Barts in the French West Indies
last month, they found some singular spit-roasting at the Wall House
restaurant in Gustavia.

So what made it so different?

there’s what the Wall House cooks on the rotisserie–shish kebab, for
example, and even whole fish–locally caught snapper basted with olive
oil and fennel. Then there’s the unique construction of the
rotisserie: the spits hang vertically, so fat drains efficiently off
the five-spice crusted, spit-roasted ducks pictured below.
If you
happen to find yourself on St. Barts in the next few month (a
destination we can’t recommend highly enough), don’t miss the Wall
House (tel. 0590.27.71.83). And remember, if you find some cool
barbecue on your next vacation, be sure to tell us about it on the
barbecue board.

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