Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible


Storm Trooper

Of course, Steven would never ask an employee to do anything he wouldn’t do himself. But grilling conditions are admittedly better in February where he lives–Florida–than they are where his assistant lives–Ohio. Here’s Nancy, gamely testing recipes for Steven’s next book, Raichlen on Ribs! to be published this Spring by Workman Publishing. She served the ribs at her Super Bowl party, and reports some guests were so enthusiastic about the food, they missed some of the best plays of the game. Not to mention the Budweiser commercials. Watch this space for Nancy’s favorite rib recipe from the book. And if her Best of Barbecue rib rack (see above) interests you, click on STORE (see left) and then, COOL TOOLS. This rack quadruples your grill’s rib rack capacity.

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