Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible

New Grill

Steven gets a new grill!!

No, it wasn’t a newborn, but it was awaited with almost as much anticipation—the newest arrival in Steven’s collection of grills: a totally cool, wood-burning grill called Grillery. Designed by journalist Charles Eisendrath and built by hand in Michigan, the grill has several sizzling features: a grate that raises and lowers with the turn of a flywheel; V shape grill bars that channel the fat to a drip pan (where it awaits your basting brush for brushing the drippings back on the meat); two rotisserie spits (pictured in the rear corners) that let you spit roast chickens, ducks, and small game birds over wood-smoke scented embers. The “thinking man’s” grill is how Eisendrath describes it, and its intelligent design makes it a pleasure to use.

For the grill’s inauguration, Steven cooked an entire meal of Martha’s Vineyard raised foods: spring onions from Morning Glory Farm in Edgartown; baby lamb from The Farm Institute in South Beach; clams and oysters from Katama Bay. (More on that next week.) All of the food was greatly enhanced from the fragrant smoke of blazing wine barrel chunks.

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