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Cool Tool Department

Cool Tool Department

Check out the latest addition to Steven’s grilling arsenal: an
industrial strength (or should we say military strength)

Normally designed for melting sheets of ice, heating
roofing materials, and burning acres of weeds off hillsides, the
monster blowtorch makes a very handy and impressive tool tool for
grilling. One application is using it to light charcoal.
Another is to help speed up the caramelization process on grilled
foods, like the spit roasted pineapple featured here. Peel the
pineapple and brush with melted butter, then sprinkle it with
cinnamon sugar or dessert rub. (Or make a glaze by boiling equal
parts butter, brown sugar, rum, and heavy cream.) Place the
pineapple on the spit. Use the monster blowtorch to augment the
the heat of the rotisserie burner. Steven got his blowtorch from
our friend Rocky Richmond, creator of the Big Drum Smoker
You’ll definitely be the toughest grill master on the block!

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