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Barbecue Show

The Barbecue Show

Last week, Steven met Chuck Adams (right) of The Companion Group, at
the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Show in Reno, Nevada. The purpose:
to present the new products in the 2007 Best of Barbecue
line. And we’ve got some killer stuff coming out. Three
new sauces: Cherry Lager Barbecue Sauce, Cabernet Barbecue Sauce, and
our first ever Steak Sauce. Several new rubs, including a wasabi
rub that’s dynamite with grilled tuna and a 5 spice rub that screams
for duck. In the utensil department, there’s our new grill grate
oiler (with the cloth oiling pads you’ve seen me use at the
school). A new shellfish rack for grilling clams and oysters.
An oversize fish basket for whole salmon. And two cool new fuels:
olive wood branches and chunks (great for veal chops). One thing
is not for sale and that’s the giant chimney starter Steven and Chuck
are leaning against. Talk about a competition size load of charcoal!

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