Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible

Big Apple Barbecue

Big Apple Barbecue

As the sun rose over Madison Park in Manhattan, New Yorkers were
treated to a different sort of sight and smell than usual: the
spectacle of smoke rising from several barbecue pits and the sweet
scent of pork roasting over smoldering oak and hickory. Welcome to
the fifth anniversary of the Big Apple Barbecue–brainchild of Union
Square restaurant mogul Danny Meyer. The event featured some of
the biggest names in barbecue, from Memphis in May Grand Champion
Mike Mills to Chris Lily of Big Bob Gibsons.
Steven was on hand to give a seminar on Planet Barbecue
and joining him right to left were Barbara Raichlen, chef son Jake,
and Jake’s girlfriend, Pamela Stubbs.

The theme of Steven’s demo was Planet Barbecue, featuring dishes from
his forthcoming book. Pictured here from front to back are:
Mexican grilled corn, gaucho rib eyes, Thai ribs, and pineapple

The steaks were long bone rib-eyes cut from genuine Waygu beef.
(You know, the breed that products Japanese kobe beef.) The sauce
is a 3 herb chimichurri. The steaks are available via mail order
from Allen Brothers.

Accompanying the rib eyes were smoky slabs Thai style baby backs,
slathered with sweet chili sauce and dusted with chopped cilantro and

No tour of Planet Barbecue would be complete without dessert–here
fresh pineapple grilled with cardamom and sugar.

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