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Lobster on the Grill

Lobster on the Grill

Many of you know Raichlen’s credo: if something tastes good boiled, baked, fried, or sauteed, it probably tastes even better grilled. Case in point, two New England classics: lobster and corn. Here’s Steven with son Jake (left) and soon to be son-in-law, Gabriel (right).

First the lobster. The only tricky part is cutting it in half. Pour the juices into a bowl and save them for grilling. Baste the cut sides with your favorite flavored butter (we like tarragon lemon) and arrange the lobster halves cut side down on the grill. Sear the lobster cut side down for 4 to 5 minutes, then invert.

Spoon the reserved lobster juices over the lobster and continue cooking, shell side down.

The lobster is cooked when the meat is white and firm.
As for the corn, Steven likes to cook it husk off, so the high dry heat of the grill caramelizes the plant sugars. Here, Gabriel bastes the corn with garlic butter.

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