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A “New” Way with Salmon

A “New” Way with Salmon

A few weeks ago, Steven checked in with his friend, Mark Hewitt, for
a traditional Pacific Northwest Indian salmon “bake.” Mark runs
Tillicum Village, a center of Pacific Indian culture and art on Blake
Island near Seattle. Here he demonstrates the venerable art of
barbecued salmon–Seattle style.

The first step is to attach a whole wild king salmon to a cedar stake
with cedar cross pegs. The fire will be built in a sand pit
measuring 6 by 6 feet. The actual cooking time is brief–about 30 minutes per side–and the only seasonings are fresh air and fragrant wood smoke. To control the heat, you move the stake closer to the fire or pull it away.

The seasonings may be minimal, but when the salmon is crusty and
golden brown, there is no better way to enjoy this noble fish.
Note: salmon roasts are done daily at Tillicum Village as part of a
culture show that includes native Indian dancing and music. It’s a
quick boat ride from downtown Seattle. For more information,
contact Tillicum Village

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