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Congratulations on your Graduation!

Congratulations on your Graduation!

As many of you know, BBQ U has a new home, the stunning Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. Here are some photos from the class of 2008. Who says grilling is solely a guy thing? Not these students, who are busy grilling a “new Philly cheesesteak” (whole beef tenderloin stuffed with grilled onions, peppers, and cheese) on our wood-burning Grillery grill. (The recipe can be found on

Check out the view of the valley from our huge new “burn” area, where 24 grills and smokers are fired up. On the Weber “Bullet”? A traditional Yucatan “cochinita pebil” (achiote-spiced pork shoulder cooked in banana leaves). The recipe is in Barbecue Bible.

A few of the grills in our collection of two dozen smokers, charcoal, wood-burning, and gas grills.

This year’s class came from all over the world. Literally. Here’s Lee Gilmour, founder of Heat Beads, the largest charcoal manufacturer in Australia. Yes, Lee brought some of his amazingly long-burning charcoal for the class to try.

Each day, the class prepared at least eight dishes. Pictured here (from left to right): grilled oysters with Korean chili sauce, cherry smoked salmon with grilled bagels, grilled eggplant with Caprese salsa, and Pac-Rim potato chips.

This year’s steak was a “Tuscon T-bone” — topped with fried garlic, jalapenos, and cilantro. The recipe is in BBQ USA.

Here’s our indoor classroom.

And here’s where our students stay when they’re not grilling. Of course, there’s plenty to keep you busy, like golf (the Broadmoor is the home of the Men’s Senior Golf Tournament), tennis, hiking, and horseback riding.

Come the third day, the students took Steven’s famous (or perhaps we should say ‘infamous’) two part final exam (part oral; part written). We’re pleased to say that everyone passed!

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