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Are You A Carnivore?

Are You A Carnivore?

You’ve come to the right place. The appropriately named Carnivore lives up to its reputation as the go to place for grilled meat in Nairobi. The short list of house specialties includes spit-roasted fresh ham, leg of lamb, haunch of beef, ostrich meatballs, and crocodile (tastes like a cross between pork and shrimp).

Here’s Steven behind the grill with Carnivore pit master, Daniel Kiplagat, llearning the fine points of Kenyan grilling. (Overnight marinating and conscientious basting are essential.)

If you think Carolina pulled pork is good, wait until you taste Carnivore’s spit-roasted ham.

Back at the appropriately named Giraffe Manor, Steven meets one of the locals.

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