Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible Honors World Fair Trade Day Honors World Fair Trade Day

Normally, this blog tells you how to make and eat better barbecue. Today, we’re going to tell you how to grocery shop in a way that supports farmers in countries less affluent than our own. Fair Trade is an alternative way of doing business – one that builds equitable, long-term partnerships between consumers in North America and growers in developing countries. Fair Trade means a fair wage for farmers who produce the items we consume and enjoy, a better future for our planet and a tastier, higher quality product for you. In thousands of grocery stores and retailers around the U.S., you can find high-quality Fair Trade cooking ingredients: coffee, chocolate, sugar, olive oil, bananas, vanilla, rice, wine, tea and much more. Just look for the Fair Trade Certified logo


You can also visit members of the Fair Trade Federation and join any of the hundreds of fun, U.S. events in celebrating World Fair Trade Day May 9, 2009.

To get you started, here’s Steven’s recipe for Fair Trade Chocolate Banana S’mores
6 marshmallows
6 two-inch squares of Fair Trade bittersweet or semisweet chocolate
1 ripe Fair Trade banana, cut into 6 thin slices on the diagonal
12 chocolate chip cookies (ideally home made with Fair Trade sugar)
Roast the marshmallows on sticks, skewers, or s’more forks over a hot fire. Roast until at least dark golden brown–some people (you’re truly included) like to set them on fire, then blow them out.
Place a square of chocolate on a cookie. Place the hot marshmallow on top and add a banana slice and second cookie to make a sandwich. Squeeze to form a sandwich (if you do it right, the hot marshmallow will melt the chocolate) and pop the whole gooey mess into your mouth.

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