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Primal Grill 2009 Hits the Airwaves

Primal Grill 2009 Hits the Airwaves

Many of you have been asking when Primal Grill 2009 will be ready. Well, fire up your grills, folks. Primal Grill 2009 is here! To find the air times in your area, please visit our web site: and click on “carriage.” Taped on location at the Esplendor Resort in Rio Rico, Arizona, this year’s show is bigger and better than ever, with new grills, new smokers, and sizzling new dishes, like a cactus pear crisp and spectacular whole hog. Here are some scenes from the set of Primal Grill 2009. Tune in and smoke out! By the way, if you like the show, please let your local PBS station know.


Steven with photography director Richard Dallet, and cameramen Jonathan Nichols and Terry Williams. Prep tent in the background.


Korean beef short ribs–the one rib you can direct grill.


The boom camera grabs a close-up of a cactus pear crisp.


Preparing for a night shot.


Set meeting to discuss the Brazilian rib roast segment. Nancy is on the far left and producer Matt Cohen on the far right. It takes a village to make Primal Grill!

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