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Caveman T-bone hits the Today Show

Caveman T-bone hits the Today Show

If you happened to be walking by Rockefeller Plaza at around 8:40 a.m. on June 29, you witnessed a strange sight: a guy cooking bible-thick steaks on a bed of blazing charcoal–without even using a grill grate. It was Steven, bringing his Caveman T-bones–and the Ultimate Grilling Contest–to the Today Show. Matt Lauer was intrigued–so intrigued, he whacked off a 1 inch slice of the steak even before Steven had time to prepare the hellfire hot sauce. (To watch the show, click HERE.


The secret to this singular dish? You cook the steaks right in the embers. Just like our prehistoric ancestors did a half million years ago. See a video HERE that shows you how to do it.


There’s more to ember-grilling than pure showmanship. (Although you should never underestimate the importance of looking cool at the grill.) The surface charring gives the steak a savory crust and smoke flavor you just can’t get on a conventional grill.


Where there’s smoke, there the fire. Here’s Steven with the NBC fire wranglers–on hand to keep things safe.

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