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Ribs, Take 2



Okay, folks. After my story entitled “Ribs Without Smoke” appeared in the New York Times, I know a lot of you will regard me as me a heretic:
Ribs. So I wanted to show you how to do ribs the right way–ribs slow smoked on the grill with fragrant clouds of hickory smoke. And in anticipation of the Kentucky Derby (Saturday, May 7), I’m sharing my recipe for Mint Julep Ribs–smoke-roasted in the traditional way: Mint Julep Ribs.


To smoke on a charcoal grill, set up the grill for indirect grilling (coals on mounds on the sides, a drip pan in the center). And here’s a cool tool to help you with the rib smoking–a rib rack that holds ribs upright and allows you to smoke as many as 4 racks of ribs on a conventional 22-1/2 inch kettle grill: Rib Rack.


Here are the finished ribs–crusty with spice and smoky with hickory. Serve the bourbon mint sauce on the side (like most sauces). You want to taste those bones in all their smoky, meaty glory. For more information on authentic barbecuing and grilling, please sign up for our newsletter, “Up in Smoke”.
(See the tab at on the left hand side of our homepage.) Also check out our archived issues: The June, 2006 issue was devoted to ribs.

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